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How to make your solo trip economic and safe ?


Meeting a person who doesn’t likes to travel is something one can hardly think of. While many like to travel in packs, there is a chunk of people who loves to travel solo.

The desire to travel solo mainly nurtures amongst the millennials, who generally opt to go for camping in rain forests, mountains and on beaches. So if you one of them who love to explore the world with their own company, we have brought you the ways to make your solo trips memorable. Let’s take a look:

Short trips on low expenses

For travelers, it’s not the type that matters, it’s only the trip that does. Travelling for short period with less money is a great option to go for. Moreover, Due to lack of vacations, the millennials prefer to travel on weekends.

Solo trip is a way to experience, learn, escape and for adventure. Besides, none of these gives a validity for the trip to be grand. Going on short trips will just make your list of traveled places bigger, and your experience better.

Say no to hotels

Bidding goodbye to hotels in solo trips is the wisest decision to take. Instead, you can choose to camp out. This will not just keep your expenses down, but will give you the truest feel of a solo trip.

One of the female solo traveller shared her experience and revealed that when she uses a tent, the other vacationers are unaware of the fact that she is alone.

Splurging for rental cars

Rental cars are one of the biggest expenses on international trips. However, the splurge is worth on solo trips, as it gives an opportunity to plan the wild adventures.

This can be one of the best options to explore a place as much as you desire. It offers a chance to fully get immersed in a city and visit the unknown.

However, the thought to travel to a foreign place can be terrifying for the female travelers. In this case, you can always use the GPS on your phone to navigate.

Special Strategies for Solo female travelers

Solo female travel can be a terrible idea for lot of us, and for obvious reasons this can be because women are unsafe. However, it is not impossible to fulfill your desires of a solo trip.

One of the rule is to never tell the strangers where you are going. The friendly interaction may have bad intentions, and you might never know.

Some female solo travellers, who love to explore nature, have reported that they are more scared of men with bad intentions rather than the wild animals.

While many also said that travelling alone makes them feel empowered. Women in solo trips feel an unusual leisure of being themselves, entirely.

Don’t forget to share your experience of a solo trip with us in the comment section below.

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