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Say hello to virtual travel with Quaqua

Travelling is the new rage in town and Quaqua, a virtual travel platform, has taken this to another level. With ‘see before you go’, as their motto, the company brings to life all the destinations that a tourist would like to visit.

Keeping in mind the needs of millennials, who want to know everything about a place before they plan their itinerary, Quaqua gives them the option to explore the places they would like to visit.

Based in Hyderabad and founded in 2016, the startup has leveraged both virtual reality and augmented reality to design their product. Mapping end-to-end travel journeys, AR VR, mixed reality (MR) and artificial intelligence (AI) helps travelers with better and faster decision-making. For the company, it gives them better customer-engagement and thus, increased ROI.

Explaining the ideology behind Quaqua, Purav Shah, Founder and CEO, says, “There is a dire need for a solution that gives you a digital experience that’s as good or even better than the real experience. There is so much information online that it is overwhelming to find the right information or the right experience. Moreover, all this information and experience is unorganized, unstructured and rarely curated. Why can’t there be a platform that delivers infotainment for travel and tourism? And this is where QuaQua comes in. It is built for anyone who needs the inspiration to travel or thoroughly research a destination before they go or compare attractions and activities before they book. ‘See before you go’, it is as simple as that”.

A prior management consultant who has been to numerous destinations across the world, Purav wanted to build a platform that gave people the best of travel experiences without actually travelling. The inspiration for Quaqua came from his own travels. “There is so much to travel but only so little time. Even if we have all the means to travel, it is physically impossible to cover the globe,” he says.

He also added, “I began to wonder whether there was a way for a common man to virtually experience a country or destination sitting on a couch in another country without spending a penny. How can we deliver a sporting event type experience, like the one we watch from the comfort of our living rooms – augmented with information, controls at the command of the user, and no hassle? And that’s when the idea struck.

Not only does it offer a unique travel experience, but will also help boost the travel business around the globe. A product designed for making virtual travel a reality, the company is yet in its first phase and covers 50 cities across the globe. Aiming to take this number to 100 by December 2018 and 1,000 by 2019, Quaqua is giving a new dimension to the travel ecosystem. It is available on all platforms including iOS, Android, web and all HMDs.

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