Around 100 people killed as Japan fights to find survivors of floods

After torrential rains led to floods and landslides, in which more than 100 people have been killed, the rescuers in Japan started digging through the rubble to find the survivors.

“We are not able to use the toilet or take baths and our food stockpile is running low,” said one of the flood affected resident. According to the power companies, around 12,700 customers had no electricity on Monday. Tens of thousands had no water, said Japanese Media.

Millions of people had to leave their homes as the death toll reached to 100, the highest toll since 98 people were killed in a typhoon in 2004.

Industry operations have also been hit with a number of companies forced to close their offices. But, luckily, the refineries and oil terminals have not been affected.

Despite ebbing floods that opened the route to a hospital where nearly 100 patients and staff have been stranded, water still swirled through most of the hard-hit city of Kurashiki. A number of people have flocked to the evacuation centers in the city’s district of Mabi.

According to the officials, nearly 2 million people still face orders to keep away from homes, fire and disaster.

An emergency management center has been set up at the prime minister’s office. Around 54,000 rescuers, drawn from the military, police and fire departments are working across the west and southwest.  Although the rescuers are making great efforts, there seems to be no quick end to the flood problem in Japan as of now.


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