Brexit: MPs in Britain voting for taking charge of House Commons business

In an attempt to ascertain the majority for any Brexit option, the Britain’s MPs have voted to take control of the parliamentary timetable. Reportedly, the government was defeated by 329 votes to 302 on the cross-party amendment, a majority of 27.

This states that a series of votes will decide the kind of Brexit they will support. Though, the Prime Minister Theresa May has asserted that there is no guarantee she will abide by their decision.

As per the sources, the MPs have been urged by the ministers to “accept assurances” they will be given votes on alternatives anyway.

Recently, the EU declared that it has completed its preparations for Britain crashing out of the bloc without a divorce accord, amidst the fears of a chaotic no-deal Brexit growth. As per the European Commission, there are high chances that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union without a deal on 12 of next month, the Commission recently got done with its no-deal preparations. The statement came just days after Brussels agreed to postpone Brexit from its previous March 29 deadline.

The prime minister said the “default outcome” remained leaving the EU without a deal.

“The alternative is to pursue a different form of Brexit or a second referendum,” she said.

“But the bottom line remains: if the House does not approve the withdrawal agreement this week and is not prepared to countenance leaving without a deal, we would have to seek a longer extension.”

That would mean holding European elections, she added, and would mean “we will not have been able to guarantee Brexit”.


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