Concord Medical subsidiary to receive RMB700 million investment


Ritika Pathak

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Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited, a china-based healthcare provider, today announced that CITIC Industrial Investment Group Limited, a renowned investment institution, will make an investment in Concord Medical’s subsidiary, Meizhong Jiahe Hospital Management Group Co., Ltd. (“Meizhong Jiahe”), subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions pursuant to an agreement entered into between the parties. The total investment will be approximately RMB700 million.

As the most important operating platform of Concord Medical in China, Meizhong Jiahe is focusing on the development and management of comprehensive cancer hospitals and the standalone radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging center network in China. Meizhong Jiahe is committed to provide its patients with high-quality patient-centered multidisciplinary cancer care services. In addition, Meizhong Jiahe provides the cutting-edge Proton therapy treatment option in the Company’s Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou cancer hospitals. Meizhong Jiahe is dedicated to become a premier cancer medical services provider for the patients in China by helping to eradicate the cancer diseases by offering international recognized clinical research, multidisciplinary treatment care approach and advanced hospital management systems.

Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited is a healthcare provider specializing in cancer care, research, education and prevention. The Company operates a network of medically advanced comprehensive cancer hospitals and standalone radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging centres in China. The Company focuses on providing multidisciplinary cancer care approach in all areas of oncology services in its cancer hospitals. The Company also equips its hospitals with technologically advanced equipment such as the state-of-the-art proton therapy system in its Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou cancer hospitals. As of June 30, 2019, the Company operates a network of 30 standalone radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging centres under a long-term operation and management agreements with 20 states-owned hospitals, spanning over 20 cities across 13 provinces and municipalities. To ensure the commitment to the highest level of clinical care for patients, the Company offers ongoing education and training for doctors and other medical professionals in its network hospitals and centres in both local and overseas medical institutions.



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