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Heightened Security After Blast Outside Israeli Embassy in Delhi

A mysterious explosion occurred behind the Israeli embassy in central Delhi on Tuesday evening, prompting authorities to heighten security measures at the site. While no one was injured in the low-intensity blast, a threatening letter addressed to the Israeli ambassador was recovered from the location, sparking an investigation by Indian and Israeli officials.

The Blast and Aftermath

Around 5:20 pm on Tuesday, embassy staff reported hearing a loud blast near the rear side of the compound. Indian police and embassy security rushed to cordon off the area and search for any suspicious objects. A witness – a security guard on duty at the time – told reporters he heard a noise like a tire bursting and saw smoke emanating from a tree.

While no explosive device was found, investigators are examining whether chemicals could have triggered a minor detonation. Forensic teams are analyzing material collected from the scene, including the threatening letter referencing “Zionists” and “revenge.” The embassy spokesperson confirmed all staff were safe and unharmed.

In response to the alarming incident, security has been heightened around the embassy premises. Police patrols, bomb detection squads, and sniffer dogs are actively sweeping the vicinity. The area remains cordoned off as the investigation continues into what exactly caused the explosion.

Timing During Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Delhi blast comes at a time of escalating violence between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza. Over 200 Palestinians have been killed in recent Israeli airstrikes, sparking protests globally against Israel’s military campaign.

Indian authorities have not explicitly linked the embassy explosion to events in Gaza. However, the threatening letter’s mention of “Palestine” and “Gaza” suggests possible motives of retaliation against Israeli interests. Officials continue to examine whether the incident was connected to the high tensions in the Middle East conflict.

History of Threats

This week was not the first instance of security threats against the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. In 2012, an Iranian national carried out a similar bombing using a “magnetic explosive device” attached to a diplomat’s car. While this week’s explosion was relatively minor, it highlights persisting risks to the embassy. 

Just last year, a small blast damaged cars parked near the compound. Indian intelligence continues to monitor potential plots against Israeli and Jewish facilities. As the investigation develops, Indian and Israeli officials insist they are working closely to review embassy defences and prevent future attacks.

With a threatening letter found at the scene and heightened vigilance around the Israeli embassy, authorities are actively responding to ensure the safety of diplomats and staff in central Delhi. It remains unclear whether the explosion stems from the conflict in Gaza or is an isolated incident – but officials emphasize their cooperative efforts to get to the bottom of the blast.

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