India observes Chinese radio signal invasion, plans connectivity push on China border

chines radio station

The intervention of Chinese radio channels in India has raised a number of security issues. With this, the Centre plans to install optical fiber cables in areas sharing borders with China.

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Arunachal Pradesh’s capital, Itanagar, on Tuesday that the OFC push will further enhance the security of the civilian people. It will improve the country’s defence with a stronghold on cellular and radio connectivity by countering the Chinese waves.

“I came to know people in the area access Chinese radio frequency but not All India Radio,” said the defence minister when she recently visited Kibithoo, which is the last border village in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. She complained about a weak connection in the district.

Assessing the problem and looking at the dangers lurking behind, Sitharaman said, “We will soon start work on extension of OFC in the remote border areas. The Union Cabinet discussed the issue 10 days ago and sanctioned additional funds.”

In another comment, she was quoted as saying that the government was looking forward to recruit more women from border areas in the armed forces. “I am considering permanent commission to women in the defence forces, but the issue is caught in a legal battle,” she mentioned.

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