Roca ware to place India upfront in its global strategy


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Roca group, a Spanish sanitaryware and bathroom firm, recently announced that India will play an important role in its global strategy in the coming years.

In order to emphasize on Asia- Pacific revenue and to keep a balanced geographical distribution strategy, a kitty of ₹ 150 crores had been designated, as the USD 1.8-billion Group’s global management is aggressive on India in terms of investment and acquisition.

K E Ranganathan, the Managing Director of Roca India, clarifies that focus on India will help the company enhance Asia – Pacific revenue of the group as part of the business risk management plan for a sustainable growth vision in long term.

Ranganathan stated that they ended 2018 with a growth increment of 18 percent. In the initial six months of the current year, India has become a growing market for bathrooms at 6-7 percent in volume. The brand plans to strengthen its hold in the country with enhanced market expansion and new technology products.

The managing director affirms that in the faucet’s category, the company was growing at more than 25 percent. Currently, 70 percent of its revenue is coming from 33 cities. So, there is still scope for growth. He said, “Faucets is key area for acquisition or a greenfield plant to expand present capacity in India.”

Carlos Velazquez, corporate marketing director of Roca stated that the geographical presence of the company is well- balanced in the current scenario. Western Europe, Africa and West Asia contribute 35.2 per cent to the business, followed by central Europe and eastern Europe. Scandinavia contributes 27 per cent, America at 19.3 per cent and Asia Pacific at 18.5 per cent in the company growth.  

As per the company officials, growth will come from a combination of expansion of capacity, and distribution and diversification into allied business areas.

In order to garner a larger market share, key differentiators of the company will be: design, functionality, quality and technology on sustainability.


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