UAS and the growing market of Counter-UAS, Cerbair raises fresh investments

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With significant development, the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) has been helping humans in many different ways, such as emergency responses by the government organisations, agriculture, goods delivery, etc. However, experts are always concerned about the menace to society due to malicious use of UAS technology for their illicit aims. Experts believe that the potential of misuse can be done in four areas – attacks, surveillance, disruption and propaganda.

Consequently, to tackle the potential abuse of UAS technology, engineers came out with Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS). The C-UAS technology can detect/intercept UAS and are used by the government agencies across the world for the protection of airports, military bases, counter-smuggling operations and many more. Hence, the growth of the C-UAS is directly proportional to the concerns of the authorities.

In the past five years, the C-UAS technology market has developed significantly. At present, there are almost about 200 C-UAS systems and the numbers are considerably increasing. Several venture capitals firms have taken interest in the counter-UAStechnology which had led significant development in the sector. The C-UAS market is expected to touch $1.5 billion in the next five years.

In a recent development, C-UAS solutions provider Cerbair has raised funding from global investment firm Boundary Holding. The French-based technofounder start-up said that it would utilise bridge funding to attract investors for the upcoming funding rounds and ultimately to expand operations of the business of Cerbair globally. Earlier, the start-up reportedly received a seed investment of around 1.5 million Euros from VCs.

Cerbair’s C-UAS are based on French-made radio frequency and optical technologies. Recently, the techno founder start-up collaborated with AirMap to integrate UTM and Counter-UAS technologies for a complete solution enabling air traffic tracking for all the UAVs present in air space. The start-up has also been successful in attracting investments from several VCs from across Europe.

It has also been found that the VCs which are investing in AI and other related techno-based start-ups are relatively investing more in the C-UAS technology. As there are several start-ups that are working towards enhancing the C-UAS technology and the numbers are significantly growing, the sector is all set to grow with a fostered speed than ever before. With the continuous support of the VCs in the form of investment into such start-ups, the future of C-UAS is certainly bright.



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