Rajat Khare investor based in Luxembourg has been consistently supporting the future drone technology

It would be correct to say that drone technology has grown from a piece of scientific equipment to FPV (First Person View) entertainment units. We can correctly say that a few decades ago hot air balloons were used for monitoring weather and now these drones have made a place in everyday use. The idea behind the development of drone technology was primarily to assist in Unmanned aerial expeditions and various scientific research.

Technology has advanced so much that future drone technology is going to be completely different from what we see right now. It would be hard to guess what our future would look like without them. At present, many organizations have been continuously working on developing the right solution. Rajat Khare investor based in Luxembourg has been consistently supporting the future drone technology. He is also among the noted drone entrepreneur who believes that change is needed.

Due to the rapid advancement in technology, we can see a rise in the number of many drone technology companies. To name some of the companies are Aeraccess, Skycharge, Swissdrones, Elistair, Asteria, Aerospace, and Infinidome. These companies are going to be the future drone technology representatives.

These drone technology companies have been working in various fields to provide a better solution. One of the Rajat Khare France investments is Aeraccess. They have been actively building drones for both indoor and outdoor usage. As per the organization, the use of drone technology is limitless, however, at the moment they are focused on solving issues related to agriculture, oil & gas, electricity, and Security measures for the Armed forces. Another Rajat Khare France investment list contains the organization Elistair. They are solving another problem faced by drones, which is having a connected power supply unit that gives constant power to drones. This makes the drones more usable in terms of longer air deployment.

Many drone entrepreneurs also believe that autonomous drone solutions would be solving many other issues like the delivery of couriers and parcels at offices or homes. Along with drones, the deep tech would play an important role in the development of autonomous drone solutions. Deep tech is having a significant impact on several developing or emerging application fields, including autonomous systems, robotics, smart homes and cities, medical devices, clean technology, and energy efficiency.

Deep tech, as defined by us, is a technology built on real engineering innovation or scientific advancements and discoveries. As per Rajat Khare deep Tech frequently distinguishes itself through its profound enabling power, the differentiation it may produce, and its ability to spark change. Deep Tech organizations frequently have fundamental and tenable technical advances that set them apart from businesses that are simply concerned with business model innovation or incremental technology delivery or refinement.

Adding to the growing research as per Rajat Khare deep Tech can affect a wide range of technological fields and applications. These can include advancements in processor and computing architecture, semiconductor and electrical system improvements, power electronics, vision and speech algorithms and techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning, haptics, and more on the technological front.

The evolution of hot air balloons to FPV drones is drastic.  FPV stands for first-person view. This basically means that FPV drone pilots see what the drone sees when operating an FPV drone. Traditional drones are different from this in that they are operated from the ground up by the pilot. With FPV, the drone is controlled using an onboard camera from the viewpoint of the drone, not the pilot.

But from almost any angle, FPV and more traditional drones seem quite similar. The more common drones have cameras built into them as well, or if not, they may be added if the operator wants to fly FPV. Likewise, FPV users who prefer a more traditional viewing option can choose to have the camera disabled. Just your preferences matter.

This entertainment unit can also be a menace to others, Rajat Khare investor saw the future and already started investing in various anti drone technology as well. If on the wrong hands this simple drone can rain havoc on any secured institution. Both drone technology & anti drone technology go hand in hand. Both of them are of great importance.

Anti drone technology focuses on destructive defense techniques sometimes known as “Hard Kill” tactics because they are only used to destroy a piece of threatening Drone equipment. Projectile weapons, directed energy weapons, guided munitions, interception, and other techniques can all be used to accomplish this defense mechanism. The use of destructive weapons should only be done as a last resort because the airborne destruction of a UAS threat may result in collateral damage from falling objects, flying projectiles, obstructions in the line of fire, scattered nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) components (if they were part of the payload), etc.

Rajat Khare has been focusing on the bigger picture. The future drone technology would completely change with both of these technologies in place. The idea is to make the world safer and more competent with new inventions and gadgets.


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