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When all else fails, business speaks

Newshour Press speaks the language of facts. A platform that brings limelight to the global news and events, it is a blend of truth and retrospection. With the ideology lying in presenting authenticity and its global impact, Newshour Press is a mirror to the real world.

Nowadays, it is all the more important to stay updated about the latest news and happenings across the world. We play our part by presenting the news, its analysis and the minutest of details minus the bias in front of our readers. On the back of skilled and experienced professionals, we aim to exchange new concepts and ideas to make a difference. Be it a crucial statement of men who matter or a sudden transformation of a certain paradigm, we cover all that impacts the people on day to day basis.

Our vision

We fathom the echo that a news creates, and believe in spreading it in the right direction. Since its inception in 2015, Newshour Press has covered many stories and events that impact our lives or inspire a change.

A close-knit team that keeps quality, innovation, integrity and responsibility to contribute bona fide information to their readers, our only aim is to construct a platform known for its integrity. We strive to uplift the true spirit of journalism that dwells on the foundation of truth.


Unity in diversity

A Google listed website, Newshour Press churns articles from the heap of information. We present the news in multiple categories, viz., India, business, health, education, entertainment, fashion, technology, world, lifestyle, travel and blogs.

The news reported in every category covers all the facts and their impact. Every piece paints a picture that audits the past, discusses the present, and analyses the future.


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