Adaptive Security: Email security gaining importance to shield sensitive data of organizations

Amid the pandemic, worldwide businesses are connected with a variety of communication strings called email communication that plays a critical role in business operations.

In the digital era, every business communicates via email and it has become the inherited activity now. Despite the fact that we use email so unreservedly, it is crucial to stay confidential and take all the necessary measures to prevent the challenges that could harm the business confidentiality.

In 2019, around 33% of the companies based in the UK recognized at least a single case of an attempt for data compromise through emails every month. The most common unethical activities included obtaining of sensitive information of businesses alongside imitating messages, viruses, malware and more.

Recently, another case was highlighted in which it was found that a person was selling passwords for the email accounts of hundreds of top-level executives of organizations on the Dark Web for nearly $100-$1,500 per account.

With the ever-increasing challenges of online intrusion, it becomes a priority for organizations to make sure that their business information along with email security is maintained.

Numerous agencies and organizations are striving to enhance the security of their emails through software that protects the data from exposure and reduces the odds of vulnerabilities.

Companies like Adaptive Security, secure communication software company offer Two Mail solution which is a one-stop email solution for storing and accessing email messages without actually being connected to the internet which works towards averting the chances of data compromise. It features two-level security that safeguards the information from all kinds of threats. Additionally, the authentication feature makes the act of accessing sensitive information by any unauthorized party almost impossible. Over the last few months, several companies across the world have been operating with work from home (WFH) policies and it has led to a spike in the number of data compromise cases, making it imperative to undertake email protection measures for every organization.


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