Top 5 desi superfoods to keep you healthy and hearty: Are you keeping up with COVID?

Superfoods are foods with a very high nutritional density. It means that they provide a substantial amount of nutrients with very few calories.

Banana: Apart from its energy-boosting effects, bananas are a great mood, fertility, and immunity booster. They help in aiding digestion and are excellent keepers of gut integrity and hormone health. If you are not a fan of bananas you can always go for banana flour. Sounds different right? This is especially a portion of great food for these Covid times; it also helps fight acne, migraines and regulate insulin sensitivity!

Jackfruit: Many enjoy jackfruit as a fruit, over the recent years though, it has become a favorite meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians across the world. Jackfruit is super rich in vitamins, fiber, as well as minerals, containing everything that is just super beneficial for humans.

Sitaphal/Custard Apple: Iron, potassium fiber, and B6 enriched Sitaphal makes sure your body has enough nutrients. It is low in glycemic index. These also contain carotenoids, which helps to keep several diseases at bay.

Jaam/Jamun: Jamun is a fruit and also a great superfood. Rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, vitamin C and B6 among several other nutrients, Jamun is great for those with low immunity and diabetic issues.

Kusum – A Microberry: A disregarded fruit, known for its beauty benefits, Kusum is a wild, uncultivated fruit. It grows in the forests of Maharashtra, all over India and Southeast Asia. Kusum has a sweet-sour and playful taste and is known for its therapeutic properties. It also assists in preventing hair loss and acne caused by androgens.

NewsHour hopes that you are taking good care of your health and consuming only good food – remember, you are what you eat!


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