Choose Blue, Green and Silver colours for your bedroom walls to promote sound sleep

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Your home décor holds a mirror to your inner self. Apart from enhancing the look of your house, it also has a major influence on the people who inhabit it, especially the color you choose to paint the walls.

Various studies have established a direct relationship between the bedroom wall color of your home and your personality. It also determines a number of factors, for example- the amount of sleep you get and your physical activity. There are various colors which create a specific vibe and tend to get a similar reaction from most people. The difference mainly accounts to the shades used. Thus, it becomes imperative to make a wise decision when it comes to choosing colors for your walls.

bedroom wall color

Selecting the bedroom wall color can prove to be quite an easy task if you have information about colors and their impact on you.

A survey based on various people showed that blue walls of the bedroom helps in getting a sound sleep. Majority of the people who sleep in blue rooms tend to wake up in a happy mood. On the other hand, caramel-coloured walls help in ensuring good physical activity of the body.

Though, you don’t get to see the colour while sleeping as your eyes remain shut and the lights are off. But, the colour still plays a major role as it based on what colour you see before you close your eyes.

The survey highlighted that the people who sleep in a blue bedroom are likely to get seven hours and 52 minutes of sleep. It is mainly due to the fact that the colour blue denotes calmness, just like the oceans and sky. Thus, the colour certainly helps in relaxing the mind before you sleep.

bedroom wall color

Thus, it is quite a common trend to come across many people, especially builders, teachers and civil servants who prefer this as their bedroom wall color. This also one of the major reasons as to why Experts and psychologists recommend parents to use blue colour for their children’s room as they tend to suffer from sleep related issues.

Blue colour is also believed to have a major positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Regulating the blood pressure and heart rate, it helps in ensuring a sound sleep.

Talking about the impact of this colour, Chris Idzikowski, a sleep expert said, “This is an amazing result, as there are specialised receptors called ganglion cells in the retina part of our eyes, which are most sensitive to the colour blue. These receptors feed information into an area deep in our brain that controls 24-hour rhythms, and affects how we perform and feel during the day. That interaction between light, sleep and wakefulness is supremely important.”

Colours like yellow and green are also effective in promoting good sleep. Warm shades of yellow stimulates your nervous system and calms the nerves. They are said to ensure seven hours and 40 minutes of sleep on an average. Similarly, green colour signifies peace and prosperity. Painting your walls green can help in creating a calm and peaceful vibe. This is one of the major reasons as to why this color is a common choice for bedroom walls. People who sleep in green rooms get an average of seven hours and 30 minutes of sleep per night. Also, they tend to wake up with great positive energy.

The colour silver can also be considered as one of the options for bedroom walls. Experts say that it helps combating sleep related issues and makes people fall asleep quickly.

Needless to say, anything which is beneficial for your wellbeing is highly valuable. Thus, you should definitely prefer the colours like blue, green and silver for your bedroom to ensure a sound sleep and overall wellbeing.





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