Playing poker in your free time? Here’s how to earn big

A little extra income never hurt anyone, right? Since playing poker online is now legal in India, many people have started dedicating their free time to a sport that not only helps earn good money, but also helps improve concentration, analytical thinking skills and the ability to make strategies.

However, earning big does require you to have some special skills, which you can build while you continue your online poker experience. Here are some of the most important skills you need to focus on, in order to go the distance.

  1. Trustworthy websites
    Since you are new to the circuit and there is money involved, it is highly recommended that you choose reliable portals. Poker Nation, Adda 52 Poker, PokerBaazi and Poker Bunga are some of the sites that you can share your details with.
  2. Don’t go all in
    Poker is a game that can overwhelm you and make you believe that you know it all. When it comes to rookies, the most common mistake is underestimating their opponents. For you to be able to make your games successful and worthy of your money and time, you need to learn the pace of a tortoise.

Playing low stakes gives you experience and slowly makes you understand the psychology of opponents. Also, you can start with lower bankrolls and even if you lose, you will not regret spending a huge amount in the game.

  1. Learn what’s new
    Online poker has a certain set of rules that differ from actually playing it. One is the time-bank feature that many new players take some time to get used to. A clock continuously ticking can bring in unnecessary pressure. Learning to deal with it, and making sure you play your best bet will help you understand the dynamics of playing under pressure. Playing with legit websites like PokerBaazi, Adda52 and more will help you keep your interest alive, along with helping you improve your skills.
  2. Single table is the best for a novice
    The biggest advantage that accompanies when playing poker online is that you can play multiple tables at the same time. However, it might not be a good idea if you have just started.Many people tend to see this as an opportunity to earn more, but fail to understand that the risks involved are much higher. A few weeks down the line, once you have familiarized yourself with the techniques and are confident enough to maneuver from one table to another, you can give it a shot.
  3. Create a play area that helps
    Playing poker is not just a fun activity, but also a task that requires your complete concentration. Rather than laying on the bed and keeping your laptop in your lap while playing, sit in a chair and place your system on a table. Sitting with a straight back will not only keep you active but also help you stay focused. Make sure there are no distractions around as well.

Poker is a game of patience and you cannot earn big until you learn to foresee the consequences of every move you make. Learn while you play and slowly, step up your game with the mentioned techniques, to reach the pinnacle.

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