Health Biotech’s Remdesivir Success Marks India as ‘Pharmacy of the World’

The Pharmacy Council of India organised ‘ANVESHAN-2023’ to celebrate the 121st birth anniversary of Prof. M. L. Shroff on 6th march 2023. The event provided a platform for several pharmaceutical professionals to gain insights into the ongoing research and development in the Indian pharmacy sector post-COVID. India stepping up to provide drug and vaccine supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic was a gesture of compassion, bringing in value appreciation and recognition for the sector on global platforms. The trust gained by the Indian pharmaceutical industry globally has led to many international healthcare organisations hailing India as the ‘Pharmacy of the world’.

During the catastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic, mass production and global distribution of Health Biotech’s Remdesivir proved life-changing and effectively tackled the situation. With the vision and ideology of Health Biotech Director Mr Parmjit Arora, the tireless efforts of dedicated scientific professionals and an infrastructure to support the production requirements, the firm successfully carried out the noble deed.

About ‘ANVESHAN-2023’

The event commemorated Prof. Shroff’s contributions to expanding pharma education and research across India. The vision of Anveshan is to provide a platform for research scholars to share their research with the pharmaceutical industry so that both can benefit from it and a much-needed bridge can be formed between academics and industry. Several delegates attended the event, including pharmacy professors, industrial researchers, and leading industry officials.

Regarding academic research, India has grown exponentially and significantly contributed to the world’s medical care system. The research at Indian pharma institutions has brought a transition to the regime with high-quality and in-depth analysis. The Pharmaceutical Council of India launched this event to further the cause of both researchers and companies to elevate the reputation and control of the Indian pharmaceutical industry positively.

Effect on the Indian Pharma Industry

The entire structure of Indian pharmaceutical research and development will benefit from the events at Anveshan-2023. Major pharma companies, including Cipla, headed by Umang Vohra, Dr Reddy’s by G.V. Prasad and Parmjit Arora’s Health Biotech, look forward to incorporating studies and ongoing research into their development programs. Health Biotech is already working progressively on the latest drug development technologies, such as novel drug development through Nano-particle based and Liposomal drug formulation. Such initiatives from the Governing bodies will enhance their product quality effectively and diversify their portfolio by a considerable margin.

The union of academics and industry will further grow India’s reputation in world healthcare. In 2022, the Indian pharmaceutical sector showcased a growth of 7% which was considerably faster compared to overseas MNCs having 4% growth in the year. Already considered as the ‘Friend in Need’ under adverse conditions, India will spearhead the global medical care market and benefit on both monetary and quality terms.


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