Narayana Health City : The first Indian robotic surgery Institute launched in Bengaluru

The opening up of the Infosys Institute for Robotic Surgery at Narayana Health City, Bengaluru has enhanced the city’s medical and healthcare sector. Talking about the institute, Devi Shetty, chairman of Narayana Hrudayalaya stated that, “This is the first such institute in India.”

The institute will undertake various surgeries like prostate, kidney, gynecological, colo-rectal and select head and neck cancer. A robot is used by a surgeon for operations in the robotic surgery.

Narayana Health City

Narayana Health City

In the robotic surgery, when the surgeon makes a movement on his console, it is replicated by the robot. The robot’s arms will be inserted into the patient’s body through small holes. Surgical instruments will be connected to the robot’s arms. Robotic surgeries are a step ahead from laparoscopic surgeries, minimizing its disadvantages. Another advantage is that robotic surgery provides 3D vision while laparoscopic works in 2D. The instruments used in robotic surgery need to be disposed after a certain number of operations, usually 10.


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