DPAS celebrates Hariyali Teej Mahotsav with great zeal

Ankit Kapoor

, Indian Hour

Rajeev Mittal, Gopal Goel and several other notable people take part in Hariyali Teej Mahotsav organized by Delhi Pradeshik Agarwal Sammelan in Lajpat Nagar

Delhi Pradeshik Agarwal Sammelan (DPAS) organized the Hariyali Teej Mahotsav Program at Lajpat Bhawan, Lajpat Nagar on August 5 with the recorder attendance of over 500 people. Religious and cultural committee, along with the women of DPAS, played a substantial role in the systematic proceeding of the event.

Hariyali Teej Mahotsav 2018

The cultural program comprised of 12 events, such as dance, skit, poem recitation, etc. The events were applauded by the audience as the persistent efforts of DPAS women over the course of 1 month turned out to be fruitful. The 49 women who participated in the events were representing the seven distinctive zones of the nation’s capital.

The program started at 5 pm and lasted for 2 hours. Free mehendi stall, people dressed as Maharaja Agrasen and ‘Teej Jhoola’ were the star attractions of the event. Singers performed various cultural songs to increase the entertainment quotient of the evening.

The occasion was graced by the presence of multiple office bearers from different Agarwal Associations in Delhi, including premier names like Shri Gopal Goel Ji, Nation General Secretary,  Sh. Rajendra Gupta Ji, National Treasurer, Sh Sushil Singhal Ji, National Sr. Vice President, Sh Ramesh Gupta Ji, National Sr. Vice President, Sh Virendra Agarwal Ji, National Deputy General Secretary, Smt. Rekha Gupta, Nation Mahila President, from Akhil Bhartiya Agrawal Sammelan, Sh Rajeev Mittal Ji, the founder of Comesum and RK Associates, Vice Chairman and Sh. Baburam Gupta Ji, General Secretary, International Vaish Federation. The president of DPAS, Mr Om Prakash Goel thanked all the dignitaries and women of DPAS for putting up such a great show.

Sh Ravinder Goyal Ji raised awareness about the preparation of Diwali and New Year functions. Furthermore, he gravitated people’s attention towards the monthly free bus service incepted in July, food stalls, DPAS matrimonial portal and monthly celebrations of Plantation day.

Mr Om Prakash Goel expressed his sincere appreciation for Sh Vidya Bhushan Bansal Ji, Chairman and Sh Rajeev Mittal Ji, Vice Chairman and Sh Ravinder Goyal Ji, Organization Secretary for their hard work in making the program successful. He conveyed special thanks to Smt Sudhanshu Goyal Ji for managing such a wonderful and well-coordinated performances by the DPAS women.

The program was followed by dinner arrangements for the people and ended on a high note as people believed in the upcoming DPAS progress under the guidance and leadership of Sh Om Prakash Goel.


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