Focus on ‘toyconomy’: PM Narendra Modi’s call to India’s toy industry

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, shed light on how the government will focus on “toyconomy” advising the country’s gaming and toy industry to play a major role in the sector globally via focusing on the toy and gaming sector. Today, we import around 80% of our toys as well. That is, crores of rupees of the country are going out on these. Today, the world wants to understand the present potential of India, the art culture of India, the society of India in a better way. Our Toys and Gaming Industry can play a big role in this,” the Prime Minister said while addressing the participants of Toycathon, 2021 via video conferencing. “The effort is that our youth should be directly connected to the challenges and solutions of the country.” further added PM Modi.

The Prime Minister mentioned that if the child’s first school is the family, then these toys are the first book and the first friends.

There is another relevant aspect, associated with toys, this is the economy of the world of Toys and Gaming.

Pointing out that most of the online or digital games that are available in the market do nothave an Indian concept, the PM told all participants to take advantage of this loophole as the concept of many games that are prevalent in the market presently, either promote violence or cause mental stress.

Toycathon 2021 was collaboratively launched by the Ministry of Education, WCD Ministry, MSME Ministry, DPIIT, Textile Ministry, I&B Ministry and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) on January 5 this year in order to crowd-source innovative toys and gaming ideas.

The event was aimed at boosting the Toy Industry in India to help it grab a wider share of the global toy market.

Approximately 1.2 lakh participants from all over India registered and submitted over 17,000 ideas for the Toycathon 2021, out of which 1,567 was shortlisted for the three-day online Toycathon grand finale, that was held from June 22 to June 24.

India’s domestic market, as well as the global toy market, offers great opportunities to the country’s manufacturing sector.

It is indeed great to see that the nation is focusing on a wider spectrum of sectors and finding more ways to make toys in India!


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