PM Modi pays a visit to ailing Manohar Parrikar in Mumbai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited Manohar Parrikar, the Chief Minister of Goa who is not keeping well since past few days. It was after the Magnetic Maharashtra event that Modi met him for a brief moment.

As per the sources, Mr Parrikar is undergoing a treatment for mild pancreatitis at Lilavati Hospital in suburban Bandra, Mumbai.

He had a severe stomach ache and visited the Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMCG) for a health check-up. Parrikar was later taken to the Mumbai hospital for further examination.

There were various rumours afloat claiming that the Goa CM was set to undergo surgery. However, the officials at Lilavati Hospital have rubbished the claims of Parrikar undergoing a surgery.

“It has been brought to our notice, various malicious and misleading report/rumours are floating around in Electronic/Print media with regards to the health of Hon. Chief Minister of Goa. We categorically deny all such rumours. We reiterate that he is being treated and is responding well to the treatment,” the release said.

Manohar Parrikar is being treated at the Lilavati Hospital under a well-known Oncologist P Jagannath.

“Parrikar is doing fine. He watched the India-South Africa cricket match yesterday. He is on a liquid diet,” said an unidentified source.

As per a recent press statement released by the state BJP, the CM has been advised to continue with “treatment for pancreas”.  However, Parrikar’s office stated that he will return to office on time, this late development has raised doubts on the seriousness of the ailment.

Keeping in mind the ill health of Manohar Parrikar, the Budget session of the Goa Legislative Assembly has been curtailed to three days till February 21.

An official meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) of the Assembly is to be held after the customary address of Governor Mridula Sinha, deputy Speaker Michael Lobo said here today.  “We will curtail the session to three days considering ill health of the chief minister,” Lobo said. Earlier, the session was to be culminated mid-march.

“Due to proposed rescheduling, the Budget would be tabled on February 20 instead of February 21 and the Vote on Account would be passed on the last day of the session i.e February 21,” he said.

As per the sources, the doctors have asked Parrikar not to attend the House.

“The questions which were supposed to be discussed during the current session would be postponed for the next session,” the deputy Speaker said.

It is still not clear who would present the Budget in absence of Parrikar.

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