Septuagenarian Entrepreneur Bina Ramani Shares her Secret to Vivacity


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Beaming with zestful creativity, Bina Ramani is defying age. Despite being a septuagenarian, the renowned fashion designer who has worn many successful hats, is out and about with her latest venture – Malabar Secrets, straight from the legendary spice route.
Upon being asked about the secret behind her energy, Lady Malabar Bina Ramani says, “A healthy lifestyle – living in the moment, with awareness towards sustainability, nourishing the mind, body and soul!”
She adds, “During my battle with cancer, I was always told about the importance of drinking lots of water, which felt like a daily chore. The eureka moment came some years later when I discovered the abundantly rich spice fields in Malabar Region. My inventive mind leaped with joy at the thought of creating enticing infusions from natural spice, fruits and flowers, making infusions and tonics for beverages.

Losing no time, Bina and her eco passionate niece, Vibha, got into in depth R&D,. They found a couple of renowned spice distilling labs and got working on their new borne dream – designing unique concentrates of distilled spices, fruits and flora. They balanced their formula on Bina’s renowned gourmet taste buds and the healing science of Ayurveda from old textbooks and consultations with an Ayurveda master. They launched Lady Malabar in Feb 2017 with 5 formulae, each with an impeccable balance of spices, fruit and flora.

They branded it, Malabar Secrets, and ‘India in a Bottle’ was born.
Soon after, they added spiced honey and spiced chocolates to their product range.
Bina believes, “we are witnessing an alarming growth rate of disease and early death all over the world. We are also aware that the air we breathe, the food and drink we consume are fed with poisonous chemicals and synthetic flavours and are the main causes of this disaster. Yet, very little effort is being made to improve this state of decline. Multi nationals selling consumer edibles have grown wealthier while the human plight has had to grapple with disease and disaster. While leaders of the World appear to make minor effort to spread awareness, the responsibility lies with every individual to take action to improve their own lifestyles.

On my part, I have adapted my own lifestyle to healthy alternatives. I avoid glutenous foods, eat what I can digest well, ensure that I’m surrounded with foliage to breathe cleaner air, drink plenty of detox water with 3 drops per glass of Malabar Secret extracts, and wash my hands several times a day. My mind stays active with music at all time, and I never stop creating – something or the other!”


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