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VIRAL’S official teaser does more than just teasing. It is entertaining, arouses curiosity and a fresh concept which the gen x can relate to. The trailer starts with a couple texting which later on leads to an interesting turn of events. Here are few reasons why AKP’s VIRAL has set eyes waiting.

Watch Teaser here

1. Okay. Let’s start with a mutual confession. We all know (and a lot of us do) the thing that has been abbreviated as ‘sexting’. It’s fun, after all. VIRAL appeals to precisely that fun-inducing element in each one of us with its official teaser starting with some racy texts exchanged between a teenage couple. The excitement seems to boil up as the photo ‘almost’ downloads.  Anand Kumar productions, is one of the few production houses who boldly exemplified the concept of sexting, giving an interesting twist to the story altogether.

2. Does the name Sakshi Pradhan ring a bell??? Unless you have been living in a cave for past few years, it should. She was one of the most controversial contestants in splitsvilla and later stirred up a storm during her stay in big boss house. She has never been the one to shy away from the limelight.  And now she is back with a bang! Rumor has it that now she is starring in AKP’s Viral.

3. The fact that the movie is inspired by true events will make it appeal more closely to each one of us. Realism is not as easy done as it is said but AKP seems to be promising a diehard commitment to the 19th century genre.

4. They dauntlessly used the lingerie as their logo, which will surely grab some eyeballs. The g-string cleverly replaces the V in VIRAL. Okay, so who needs more voyeurism in the logo?

5. VIRAL is set to release on this Valentine’s Day. So it’s going to be a treat for all the couples looking to catch a spicy flick with a bold and new concept. And we may unanimously choose to disagree on this but the tagline ‘This valentine, it’s all about lust’ does cast its spell.


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