Specifications of a luxe bedroom- Meenu Agarwal spills beans

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What actually makes a bedroom look worth a million dollars is its thoughtful details. From sumptuous furnishing and upholsteries to exquisite lighting designs, and even lavish statement furniture pieces a luxury bedroom is a result of perfection and inspiration. Meenu Agarwal, Founder and Director of MADS Creations gives the game away of achieving a bedroom that’s rich and skookum.


While designing or redesigning a whole new house, one room that takes the maximum effort is the bedroom. It needs months of whirlwind planning, decorating, and beautifying to achieve a bedroom that speaks glory. Meenu Agarwal states, “The end result of a bedroom has to be relishing space that offers a clean and clutter-free zone to rest our minds and bodies.”


To begin with, a perfect combination of bed and bed side table is the most essential part of a bedroom design and as such one ought to be careful when selecting. Not only when it comes to styling, the functionality and comfort of every piece inside a bedroom matter.


Apropos of the beds, the expert suggests that the stately chateau bed is undoubtedly a scene-stealer inspired by the walls of French castles, and this is the main reason why it features such a magnificent modern headboard in leather, suede and velvet along with metal inlay with different finishes. In addition to that, bed frames and bedspreads are commonly used to magnify the luxurious palpation of a bedroom.


In regards to the bed side table, there are too many in different shapes, colours, and textures. Adding a bed side table with highly curated handles can bring instant character to any bedroom setting. There is an exclusive and luxurious range of bed side tables available, one must dive into the elegant list of multifarious decorative and architectural products, and finally pick out the one that not only goes with the room interior but also has enough space to place your essentials, from lights to books, among others.


The next element that makes a bedroom cozy and homey are lights. In the ever-growing world of lamps and lights, finding the correct route is no easy task. From luxury hanging lampshades to pendant ceiling lights, illumination in all forms creates an aura of positivity.


Moving on to the next very important element, designers, as well as homeowners, are falling in love with statement furniture pieces that are tiny in size but add drama to the bedroom. Statement pieces are furniture that can say something all on their own. They speak the language of minimalism, elegance, and luxury. There are plenty of options for bedrooms including ambulantes, low-slung chaise lounge, intricate sideboard, plushy wall shelves, and the list goes on.


The selection of the perfect fabric is the showstopper of any luxurious room. Fabrics can make or break the look and vibe of bedrooms. The art is to incorporate velvet, suede and silk into the interior design to accentuate the perfection of furniture. These fabrics has the quality of providing glow and radiance to any item. By incorporating them in a subtle but effective manner such as pairing neutrals like ivory, grey, taupe, mocha with bolder shades to add a pop of colour, you can switch up your interior for better.


There’s no other place like the bedroom that lets you be yourself. MADS Creation, a brainchild of Meenu Agarwal MADS Creations delivers a full package of details and designs which can be tailored into a perfect bedroom – from concept to completion. The interior design services by them help you scoop out a few ideas and start planning the refined look of your future bedroom.


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