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Studying abroad has been a common practice for Indian students since decades now. The general trend follows the roadmap where a student completes the bachelor education in India after which he/she tries to pursue higher education in a foreign country. Rudraksh Immigration Mohali facilitates this service by offering the experience of over 28 years in the field of overseas education consultancy. The pandemic might have slowed the pace of Indian students migrating abroad, but it has certainly not caused any harm to the aspiration of thousands of students.

The students are still preparing to get that opportunity to commence higher education once again. Therefore, it would be great to know the most popular courses to study abroad from the experts of the field.

  • Automation and Industry 4.0 – The future of manufacturing belongs to AI, Automation, Robotics and Machine Learning. If one desires to build a career in the manufacturing sector, it is best if one acquaints himself/herself with the latest advancements in the field. Industry 4.0, essentially automates the entire process to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing sector globally. Having a degree in the field from a world-class university would certainly make you privy to the opportunities that lie in the future.


  • International Business – The modern marketplace is not made up of brick and mortar stores, but online. Businesses all over the world are undergoing digital transformation to align themselves with the habits of modern customers. In today’s day and age, it is critical to have knowledge of international business because your products and services are no longer restricted to your country. If you want to take your business to the world, which is not difficult with the advancement in technology, knowing how international business is conducted could certainly help you scale up rapidly.


  • Leadership and Management – Indian students have already been going abroad to get MBAs from famous universities. The need for such programs has only enhanced further. With more and more people pursuing entrepreneurship, knowing how to manage businesses and people is of paramount importance.

There are a ton of renowned universities that offer world-class courses. We have already witnessed the results of such programs with so many Indians gaining the position of CEO in some of the biggest companies in the world. The demand for such a course will always be there irrespective of where you decide to set up your business.

  • Engineering – Regarded as an evergreen field of study, engineering continues to be the most popular choice among Indian graduates to pursue abroad. Computer Science, IT, Automation, Electronics and Communications are fields that find applications in current and future technologies. Hence, it would help any student immensely if he/she possess a prominent engineering degree. Indian engineers in foreign countries consist of a large chunk of the population that travel abroad to receive higher education.


  • Entrepreneurial Courses – In the pandemic, an inordinate number of people started their business ventures. The entrepreneurial spirit has been reignited and people want to establish their own companies. To ensure success in the process, modern courses have come up that focus on building business acumen and knowledge.

This will lead to people not making amateur mistakes at the beginning and prevent them from losing their hard-earned money. With proper guidance, the time to grow companies will reduce drastically. Hence, it is a relevant course to watch out for.

Rudraksh Group Mohali actively supports young students to follow their dreams and passion to get world-class education and job in countries of their choice. Contact Rudraksh Immigration in Mohali to explore the options in accordance with your interest and situation.


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