Different side of the coin with Odd-Even

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Traffic moves along a busy road in New Delhi November 9, 2011. Car sales in India fell 23.8 percent in October, the biggest percentage drop since December 2000, an industry body said on Wednesday, on higher interest rates and vehicle costs and labour unrest at the country's dominant carmaker, where sales fell by half. REUTERS/B Mathur (INDIA - Tags: TRANSPORT BUSINESS) - RTR2TSCJOdd-Even car number plate formula is receiving a lot of attention not only around the Nation, but people across the globe are also aware that a unique strategy is being followed in the National Capital Region of India, to fight against Pollution.

Aam Aadmi Party is that political party which came in inception with the agenda to fight against Corruption and give importance to common man of the Nation. Today the party gave another direction to its added motto with this Odd-Even formula, which is a step towards uniting people, as many are saying, and giving a particular direction to follow.

The formula is receiving mix bag of emotions from the common man, but in our opinion, it’s a good start towards a united Nation. The formula is no less than a revolution, where each person’s participation equally matters. The commoners of Delhi has no problem in giving a try to this formula as they chose AAP to lead their way by giving them a majority of votes.

Before the start, curiosity and disappointments were leveled. But with the proceeding of this ‘fortnight experiment’, the number of appreciators increased.

People are expressing their gratitude on their social media walls, towards the Delhi CM who made their Vaishali to CP ride a matter of just 20 minutes, giving them an opportunity to ride in a DTC bus after 2 decades, keeping the people in need on priority to name a few.

The experiment is being warm-heartedly welcomed in the region that even the Radio Station is playing odd songs on odd-day and even on even. Who knows if the man receives a Bollywood response like Anil Kapoor in Nayak did, for doing extraordinary things in an ordinary time period?
Well, we cannot say anything until the end of this formula. Till then, drive odd, drive even, and it will help you to drive safe.a
(Another expectation during ‘half’ traffic time. And why not?)


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