Arun Dev Builders’ MD set to launch a food processing plant

food Processing PlantThe managing director of Arun Dev Builders, Manoj Bhardwaj, is set to launch a food processing plant in rural areas of India with an intention to boost agricultural exports and investment for the benefit of Indian farmers and agriculture.

After real estate, the focus of Mr. Bhardwaj has moved to the lower income groups. This time, the farmers are set to benefit from the move. Even after working very hard for a whole season, the farmers have very less to show for their efforts. They face financial problems throughout the year. Therefore, it is necessary to help the farmers to produce better with latest techniques and earn better.

I want to change the fortunes of Indian farmers, said Manoj Bhardwaj when asked about his decision to foray into the new sector. He aims to increase the export of Indian spices and dry fruits which have high demand overseas.

He aims to establish a community by bringing farmers and scientists to provide a scope of co-learning. The farmers will not only benefit from scientific aids but other agricultural practices as well. Educating farmers about the new techniques of cultivation and increasing the fertility of land will benefit our farmers in the longer run. By using scientific techniques and use of fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides can considerably increase the agricultural output.

The agro-produce will be processed and directly sent for export eliminating the middleman.Manoj Bhardwaj believes that the rise in exports and investments through the food processing unit will pave the way for the development of small-scale industries and create a whole new real estate market in rural areas, raising the income of farmers and employing them during the off seasons.

The initiative will focus on changing the lives of farmers by supporting the agricultural production with the expansion of food processing and packaging units and making the farmers far more independent. The aim of the MD of Arun Dev Builders is to improve the overall condition of the farmers by giving them an opportunity to get better revenue for their efforts.



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