On a mission to fulfil the needs of a true devotee, Namoh Indiya makes many people overwhelmed with devotion

Ritika Pathak

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Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. Prayers can move mountains, and there’s no stronger thing than prayers done with utmost devotion. Since times immemorial, prayers have been a part of our tradition and incense sticks and dhoopbattis have been the primary offerings to God before you even start praying. Different rituals and ceremonies that take place in homes, workplaces, or temples are peculiar to the Indian culture. Priests can be seen burning camphor, incense sticks, or dhoop, among other things, during these rituals. Out of a total of sixteen steps in worship, one of them is the burning of Agarbattis, dhoop, and other incense products. Have you ever thought about why you go through such rituals of burning incense products? Our forefathers established the entire procedure of worshipping God, but have you ever asked yourself why?

Incense is believed to create a magical atmosphere for the invocation of deities and spirits. Burning the incense sticks releases positive energy and fills us with prime optimism and devotion towards the Almighty. Burning incense is often considered the spiritual doorway. Incense is and has been used in various faiths across the globe daily for thousands of years, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. According to several traditions, such as Ayurveda, India’s ancient medicine system, it is necessary to restore the balance between natural components before genuine healing can occur. Using incense as a source of fire in conjunction with other earthy elements like water, earth, space, and air during practices like meditation helps improve and balance your meditation routine. Often, a true devotee is considered one who worships God, out of pure love, seeking nothing in return except his love and attention. Lord Krishna declares that such people are dearer to him. He takes care of their welfare, and responsibilities since in their devotion to him they do not take care of themselves. True devotion is driven by transforming the negative energy into the positive one and calming the soul within. Here, the role of the incense sticks and dhoopbattis is the primary one and it is important to choose wisely because the wrong energy can do chaos anywhere and everywhere.

Namohindya, a company owned by Pooja Goela, works towards the direction of fulfilling the needs of a true devotee and providing high-quality products ensuring complete customer satisfaction. As visible under the brand’s name only Namoh Indiya brings to you the best quality Agarbattis, Dhoop battis, Dry cones, Dhoop sticks, Hawan samagri, Samrani cups and scented candles most hygienically prepared with the purest of ingredients. Namohindiya’s brainchild Enchantd has pioneered making scented candles which are essential according to the Vastus, holding utmost importance as per the aroma therapy. The research division of the company has thoroughly studied the market and has kept in mind the needs of a true devotee. With comprehensive studies, Namohindiya has mastered the art of making incense sticks and has riding well on the path of serving the ones who are in search of enlightenment through their devotion.


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