PM Modi likely to enact 7th Pay Commission on Independence Day

Ritika Pathak

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Prime Minister Narender Modi is likely to bring in cheers for more than 50 lakh central government officials this year by enacting the 7th Pay Commission. According to DoPT, the facility and its framework will be discussed and drafted once PM give his nod.

As per the reports, the Prime Minister is likely to announce the 7th Pay commission on August 15, i,e., Independence Day. Even though the reports are not confirmed, they gain strength amid the benefits of Pay Commission announced by the governments of various states for their employees.

If the hike is announced on August 15, then the minimum pay of Central Government staffs will scramble by up to Rs 8,000 to reach Rs 26,000 whereas, the fitment feature will be increased by 3.68 times.

Last week, a similar announcement was made by Maharashtra and Haryana, approving the pay scale recommendations to the teaching and non-teaching staff of state government universities, government colleges and government assisted colleges with effect from January 1, 2016. The decision, as per 7th Pay Commission, will value teaching and non-teaching staff working on 2,853 posts in various universities and colleges.

Other states, besides Haryana and Maharashtra, who have declared the benefits of 7th Pay Commission for their employees are Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Jammu & Kashmir and Madhya Pradesh. However, earlier this year, 50 lakh Central Government employees and an equivalent number of retirees were left in a lurch after Minister of Finance P Radhakrishnan announced that the Centre won’t make an announcement or a hike in minimum pay and adjunct factor beyond 7th Pay Commission.


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