Indian tech sector is all ready to flood you with job opportunities!

With an average salary hike of 50-60 per cent, Indian IT services, start-ups and other product companies are hiring 70,000 people across 6 roles. In a stressed-out pandemic period, tech jobs are much-needed .

This is because as many enterprises move to digital, demand for products and services continue to increase. There are hundreds of jobs open across key technology firms, that are willing to pay a premium to retain and hire talents.

As per a report shared by specialized staffing firm Xpheno companies like  Indian IT services, start-ups and other product companies are looking forward to hiring 70,000 people across just six roles, offering a hike of 50-60% on average.

These roles include – full stack developers, data engineers, React Native developers, DevOps, backend engineers and machine learning. Candidates got an average hike of 20-25% last year for experience ranging from 3 to 8 years.

Tech talents: The number of job openings have expanded over the last few months post application of the conservative approach that companies adapted last year amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Technology is often at the forefront of economic recovery, but especially so now, as the pandemic has precipitated structural changes across industries and challenged established ways of working,” Rishad Premji, Chairman of Wipro, said in a letter to shareholders in the company’s FY21 annual report.

During the recent earnings call, Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said, “The demand for technology professionals is at an all-time high and employee attrition at Accenture is back to pre-pandemic levels.”

“It is not the highest the company has seen. It is an industry phenomenon and we are comfortable,” Sweet said during the call.

Depending on skills and geographies, the company is also witnessing an increase in wages. This is resulting in a competition or rather war for talents, which was first flagged in early March by Salil Parekh, CEO.


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