Breaking the Silence: Pentagon Files Leak Exposes US Insights into Russia-Ukraine War

On 1st March 23, a man posted screenshots of some documents on a social media platform famous among gamers called Discord. Soon, this news shook the whole United States of America as the documents posted were none other than Pentagon Papers. Soon the entire world became aware that the classified document containing top secret information on ongoing Russia – Ukraine War was leaked on a website meant to play the game of Minecraft.

By early April, those screenshots were posted on several other websites and, therefore, got on the radar of the US government.

On 5th April, screenshots were picked up on a notorious board POL-on one of the most controversial websites known, 4chan. After just a few hours, some pro-Russian telegram channels also picked up the screenshots. All these activities were putting a significant strain on Pentagon. Not only was it blamed for letting an all too important document like Pentagon Files be leaked, but the American foreign policy was also severally affected, and the leak’s damage could be catastrophic.

So, what makes Pentagon Files so crucial that their leak is described as security so large? Most of the leaked documents concern the ongoing Russo – Ukraine War issue. In addition, many pages shed light on America’s concern for China, like the spread of Chinese copies. For example, three documents discuss senior Jordanian officials debating shutting the Chinese firm Huawei out of its 5G rollout plans.

The leak had Jordan’s Crown Prince, Hussain, worried about retaliation from China.

This doesn’t mark the first time that China has been mentioned. Another document marked as top secret discusses China’s developing cyber-attack capabilities. These documents reveal the American strategy of denying, exploiting, and hijacking satellite links and networks to control information it considers a critical war-fighting domain.

But as mentioned above, a significant chunk of information regards the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The documents report that Russia did not want to say the exact number of war causalities. However, it states that the Russian Defence Minister has been decreasing the number of people who died in the war.

Another document from 23rd March refers to the forces of the United Kingdom, Latvia, France, the United States, and the Netherlands. Yet another document tells about the preparation of Ukrainian brigades underway in case of any offensive. It details the list of tanks, armoured vehicles, and artillery pieces provided by Ukraine’s Western allies.

All this information has now been leaked and is open to be entirely seized by Moscow and has put the whole defence strategy of Ukraine in massive jeopardy. With so much damage caused by Jack Teixeria, he was arrested last Thursday and taken into custody after FBI officers found him in his home.

As per Attorney General, Jack is to be charged with removing classified national defence information, deemed a crime under the Espionage Act.

With no motive other than showing bravado, Jack has no ideological difference with the government to commit the leak. Nevertheless, he appeared in court, with a wide possibility of facing charges in Military Court also.


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