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10 Best Hairdressers in Delhi

For any human being, hair is their finest accessory. Nobody likes a bad haircut because having a bad haircut means getting trolled by people you don’t even know, right? An artist has the greatest power and a hairdresser is no less powerful. He can chop off your hair or give it the best look possible. So here we present to you a list of the 10 best hairdressers in Delhi to determine and make sure that you don’t end up having a bad haircut.

List of the 10 best hairdressers in Delhi

  1. Deepak Jalan, LOOKS Salon
  2. Sumit Irani, Geetanjali Salon
  3. Manoj Yadav, NOIR Salon
  4. Jawed Habib. Jawed Habib
  5. Uma, Toni & Guy
  6. Ruchi Sawhney, R’s Just Hair Salon
  7. Rita & Martina, Martina WU Salons
  8. Rod Anker, Red Anker Salon
  9. Danish Khan, Noi Tre Salon
  10. Kabir Sonkar, Hair Masters Salon


Stay tuned and find out more about these 10 best hairdressers in Delhi.


  1. Deepak Jalan, LOOKS Salon

One of the best hairdressers in Delhi is our very own Mr. Deepkar Jalan. LOOKS Salon is one of the cleanest and most organized salons and Deepak Jalan is quite an incredible hairdresser. Even celebrities go to him, or call him for hair styling and hairdressing. LOOKS salon has a huge franchise and an amazing staff in each branch. For any person, hairstyle is important part of their personality and Mr. Jalan understands that quite well and that is why LOOKS salon is the best hair salon in Punjabi Bagh and all over India LOOKS. And he is quite famous amongst all others too.


  1. Sumit Irani, Geetanjali Salon

Mr. Sumit Irani is very well known for his work with the clients’ hair. Geetanjali is one of the most popular salons and getting a haircut from their outlet is like knowing that you are going took fantastic every single day. Compliments fly at you because of the work Mr. Irani or the staff of this huge franchise does on your hair. It is remarkable how you can feel confident as you walk out of the Geetanjali salon.


  1. Manoj Yadav, NOIR Salon

When we talk about hairstyle, we like to get the best of all. Nobody cares more about something than their hair, you see men brushing their hair about a thousand times a day and women just like to flaunt their styles and NOIR salon is one amazing franchise with the best Manoj Yadav as their hairstylist. Mr. Yadav runs the best hair salon in Punjabi Bagh with his wife Ms. Indu Yadav who is a makeup artist. To walk out there every day and style women’s and men’s hair perfectly says a lot and takes a lot. How he manages to capture the essence of what the client wants and delivers it perfectly, we are still figuring it out but he is the best hair dresser in all of Punjabi Bagh.


  1. Jawed Habib. Jawed Habib

The best, the great and the G.O.A.T. Jaweb Habib, oh what to say of him? He is the most popular, clean, organized, reasonable and the most amazing hairdressers. He is actually the greatest of all time and the salon is always shiny bright. Jawed Habib is so good that if you are confused about where to go, you go to him for sober hairstyle, haircuts, hairdressing etc. You will never be disappointed that is for sure.


  1. Uma, Toni & Guy

There are so many hairdressers in this salon, and no doubt all are just amazing but the hairstyle, haircut and anything she does for your hair is just incredible. You will find yourself going back every time because that is the effect they have on you. They have actual magic in their hands and scissors. Every artist is different and every hairdresser has a style and Uma’s style is really different and extremely good.


  1. Ruchi Sawhney, R’s Just Hair Salon

One of Delhi’s most renowned hair stylists is Ruchi Sawhney, the salon’s founder and creative director. Ruchi is a hairstylist who has acquired professional training and has 20 years of experience working across the globe. She is knowledgeable about hair styling and ensures that the clients receive only the looks that flatter their appearance. Her major priorities are the consumers’ comfort with hairstyles. And you will find yourself going back to her always.


  1. Rita & Martina, Martina WU Salons

The two most trusted hairdressers and owners of Martina WU Salons are Rita and Martina. While Martina does a fantastic job with haircuts, and coping with difficult or twisted hair, Rita has the notable skill of changing the color of the hair. This is a power duo and no doubt that they have such amazing chemistry with themselves and their clients.


  1. Rod Anker, Rod Anker Salon

The most luxurious homes in Delhi and fashion magazines are familiar with the name Rod Anker. His salon is a rich pleasure because of his skill and aesthetic integrity, not only because of the premium prices. Rod Anker is a superb colorist and stylist who has received numerous awards during his career. If you want to splash out on a top-notch styling session, Rod is definitely an artist to put on your short list.


  1. Danish Khan, Noi Tre Salon

Well, what do we say about him except how amazing his work is? The wonders he does on your hair just calls out for appreciation and that is the best compliment for an artist. He is one of the most amazing hairdressers in this salon and his work is marvelous.


  1. Kabir Sonkar, Hair Masters Salon

If you want to have a massive yet good-looking transition of your hair then look no further, Mr. Kabir Sonkar is the best hairdresser. He has no competition, people walk into Hair Master’s Salon and they ask for him, that is how popular and amazing he is with his art of hair transformation.



These were the best hair dressers in Delhi solely based on our research. Why we wrote on these particular hairstylists, you’re thinking? Well it is because we have done research and we have had personal experience with some of these hair artists and we have been quite satisfied. So call or write to them now even visit and get your hair transitioned by the best stylists there are.


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