How to take care of yourself in daily busy routine ?

The fitness freaks know how to push their limits, when it comes getting max out of their bodies.  Besides, a holistic approach to health and wellness involves: movement, nutrition and regeneration. Practicing self care ideas during work out is of utter importance, as they help in maintaining balance between your body and mind.

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Here are the 7 self care ideas that can be added to your routine: 

  1. Try breathing exercise: Connecting with your breathing is important. Try to practice 4-7-8 (breath in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7, then exhale for eight), doing this couple of times will help reduce stress.
  2. Be your own biggest fan: Loving self is an important part to all of us. You must look to your fitness as your better version, and guide yourself up from the weakness, with a sense of achievement. Developing a feeling of you being your biggest fan adds to self-care, where you are not afraid to fall and rise back up.
  3. Warm up, cool down, and hydrate: You must begin to practice this technique and maneuver yourself to achieve goals. Your workouts must always follow a path i.e. warming up, cooling down and then hydrating your body.
  4. Don’t add social media to your Gym: While a lot of people, love to show off their bodies on social media, it is recommended that you stay focused on your workouts, and forget the social media for better results.
  5. Keep an eye on the ‘why’: Before your start exercise, always ask yourself the reason why you need to it? What will you achieve with the workout? Keep motivating yourself, and it will add to self-care.
  6. Wear your favourite gear: Wear what you like the most, be any part of your clothing or your wrist band. Human beings have a tendency to work hard, with their favourite gears that makes them feel good.
  7. Snap pictures: There is nothing wrong in being a photogenic. You can snap a lot pictures and make it a part of your daily routine. It will offer you an opportunity to step away from normal schedule and get lost in the world around you for a little while. Clicking photographs is also a part of self-care.

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