The first anniversary of COVID lockdown: From empty to busy roads again

Empty roads, dusty cars, paused lives, and hungry wandering animals, everyone all around the world was locked in their homes for protection from the virus.

It all started with a normal evening in our lives when we sat in front of our televisions and witnessed the man of the nation, Mr. Narendra Modi addressing the public about the lockdown.

This was the time that made the Indian economy deflate and everything went downhill. Although, it was the most important thing to happen to us.

Let’s take a look at a few good things that happened during the wave of corona:

  1. The new definition of ‘Heroism’

The common man changed the definition of heroism. From the casual Bolly-Holly image that we had before, it changed and for the good. Health care experts, sanitation workers, police officials and, many other people worked tirelessly for the people in need, putting their lives at stake.

  1. Healing of the Environment

Looks like the only animal that should be behind the bars was the human race. With the personal time that earth and the environment spent together, we saw tremendous growth and beautiful healing. There were fewer vehicles on roads, the mindless cutting of trees came to a stop, pollution decreased and the environment healed!

  1. Mental wealth

There was a growth seen in the mental well-being of many individuals. People stretched out their hands to help others who were dealing with the stress of the tough times and had no one to count on. The COVID-19 pandemic drew attention to those who were suffering silently.

  1. Out in the endless skies

The year began well for ISRO with the launch of the 3,357 kg communication satellite GSAT-30 by the European space agency Arianespace rocket Ariane 5. 2020 became the defining year for the Indian space sector. We put it in a different orbit with the private sector as a co-traveler of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

  1. Reconnecting with Family and Friends

It was the year of getting back to your loved ones. Living in the same house, many people were so tangled up in their own lives that they were barely connected with their own family and friends. However, the imposed restrictions and lockdown allowed everyone to relink their love for their close ones.

We hope that this year brings you healing and new opportunities and you grow into a happy human every day!


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