Draw, rename or delete incorrect roads with Google Maps’ new feature

Google Maps has permitted the users to add a missing road, rename, realign or delete the incorrect ones. ‘Drawing’ of the roads would just be like using the Microsoft ‘line tool’.

The new feature of Google maps would be made available in 80 countries and more. Users can now map their locations, add as many branches to the roads as they like which will certainly be considered and reviewed for accuracy.

“When you see a road missing on maps.google.com, simply click on the side menu button, go to ‘Edit the map’, and select ‘Missing Road’. Now the power to map is in your hands!” Kevin Reece, Director of Product, Google Maps, said in a statement late on Thursday.

For now, just a pin could be dropped at the location of a missing road, later the feature might permit for more. Google has initiated a means to make it easier to correct the direction or name of a road or add a missing one.

After the user has submitted the changes, Google will overview it for accuracy within a span of 7 days. A screen will be displayed if a bike path is marked or if a road is not secured.

Photos can be shared with a short text description to help promote local businesses and it will help the users make a more aware decision, referring to the images of the locations.

Earlier, in 2016, this feature was available for the users to locate and mark new roads which was removed later in 2017 due to incorrect incoming data.

Google will also consider the suggestions and requests if a road is blocked or damaged with the date, reason and directions. These changes will be published after reviewing for relevance.

The tech Giant is dependent on 87 countries, a lot many businesses and users for high-resolution images along with rectified data from local governments for the premium quality street view images.

Build the lesser-known paths with Google’s new feature and contribute to mapping the remotest of areas.


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