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Top reasons why you should pursue PGDM course for a better career growth

The advent of globalization has lured more people to choose a career in Corporates. Many students opt for management courses for better career prospects and a quick elevation in the corporate ladder. Two of the most sought-after management courses are PGDM and MBA.

While the increasing demand for an MBA is because of it being an ideal management course to start a career in corporates, PGDM is not far behind. The latter is a 2-year full- time course offered in several institutes in India like IIM Ahmedabad, Indian School of Business and iFeel Lonavala.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should choose PGDM course to accelerate your career.
Industry-centric course – Unlike other management courses, the course structure and syllabus of PGDM is at par with the current industry standards. With a more flexible approach to teaching rather than solely going by the theoretical concepts, it is more learner-oriented.

Choice of specialization – Recruiters generally look for expertise in specialized field according to which they shortlist candidates based on their skills. Enrolling in a PGDM course mandates choosing a specialization as per your interests. For instance, iFeel college, Lonavala offers PGDM program with specializations in marketing, finance, operations and, human resources. This widens your career scope, opening you up to more options during placement and increasing your employability.

Professional growth – The course design of PGDM program focuses on theoretical concepts and practical learning based on the latest industry needs. This develops your interpersonal and managerial skills, thus, preparing you better for your career ahead. Some colleges invite CEOs and industry experts for guest lectures. Through their stories and speeches, students can learn so much and this can help in their overall growth.

Increased employability – Companies these days don’t only look for degrees, they seek skills as well. Since the course designs of the PGDM program are independent of the traditional books and theories, this gives students more room for skill development, increasing their chances of getting good placements. A PGDM degree will drive you into a great career position with a lucrative package.

While an MBA is a dream many students aspire for, PGDM provides the same set of career opportunities that MBA provides. Institutes like iFeel offer their students great job placement, internship programmes and learning opportunities which even some MBA colleges don’t offer. Nevertheless, irrespective of your choice of course, what is more important is to be wary of fraudulent institutes while looking for PGDM colleges in India.

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