Create job providers rather than job seekers: Galgotia Varsity Noida paves the way ahead

, Edu-Hour


In India, as per Census 2011, youth accounts for 28 per cent of the total population. According to Deloitte Report on Higher Education, there has been a threefold increase in the number of colleges in India over the past decade. But the sad part is – with increase in education level, the unemployment rate has also increased for all age groups.

Home to millions of educated unemployed youth, creating new job opportunities is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Indian government today. One way, identifying right skills, attitude, entrepreneurial ambition and ideas among students can work as the solution to the present unemployment challenge in the country. We need to create more job providers rather than job seekers.

If we are serious about preparing our students – the future workforce – to be innovative and entrepreneurial in nature, it is time for us to make entrepreneurship a part of syllabus in schools, colleges and university level.


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