Infowiz Chandigarh reviews the growing importance of industrial training in India

Ankit Kapoor

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With cut-throat competition and limited job opportunities, developing an ‘extra’ skill has become a growing trend these days. One of the commonly sought ways for upgrading existing skills and developing new ones is industrial training. A leading industrial training provider, Chandigarh-based Infowiz reviews the growing importance of industrial training in India:

What is industrial training?

Industrial training is a form of skill development program where students undertake a period of industrial exposure with an organization, usually during a semester break. According to Infowiz Chandigarh, such training plays an important part in preparing the student for a professional career. Through active participation in the training program, students gain useful insights into the industrial demands, skill set, and work ethics. Industrial training also provides the students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learned so far.

Why undertake industrial training?

In the light of today’s rapidly changing employment scenario, professionals need to stay informed about the latest technologies and knowledge. It is heartening to note that most employers value industrial training as an approach to prepare future employees and consider offering such training programs as a corporate social responsibility.

Infowiz Chandigarh reviews state that industrial training is required to overcome the knowledge gaps that exist in the academic curriculum. By providing a hands-on experience of the industry they are going to be a part of, industrial training helps the students develop specific skills that’ll help them become successful in their respective careers.

How does industrial training help boost your career?

Industrial training enhances the to-be professionals work life by providing them with practical knowledge. It gives them an opportunity to engage with the profession of their choice in a realistic work environment. With mentorship from professionals, students learn to appreciate and comprehend the practical application of their academic program.

According to Infowiz, industrial training makes students employment-ready even before they graduate by expanding their employment prospects. These training programs can mutually benefit employers as well as prospective employees as they amalgamate fresh ideas and energy along with their experience.


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