Infowiz Chandigarh Reviews The Scope of Robotics Training in India

Sunny Singh

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With the latest technologies emerging every week, the one trend that has been ruling the world for years is robotics. While the introduction to robotics came late in India, the country is looking forward for a brighter future in the sector. Industrial training institute in Chandigarh, Infowiz is one of the few schools providing hands-on experience to robotics aspirants.

We asked the faculty at Infowiz their review about robotics training in India. Read on:

What is Robotics?

Robotics is the mutual branch of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science that deals with the construction, design, operation, and application of robots. It also deals with computer systems for their control, information processing, and sensory feedback.

According to experts at Infowiz Chandigrah, these technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance, behavior, and/or cognition.

Scope of Robotics

A course in robotics trains and educates a student in the field of artificial intelligence, computer-aided manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing system, computational geometry, robot motion planning, digital electronics and micro processing.

Faculty at Infowiz Chandigarh reviews that robotics is an essential component in many modern manufacturing industries. As the industries expand, the scope for robotics also expands. Robots are chiefly used for carrying materials including heavy parts to and from inconvenient locations and handling hazardous materials like nuclear waste.

Career Opportunities

One can expect jobs at manufacturing industries, automobiles, appliance and industrial tools. Students who study robotics technologies at a college or industrial training institute are prepared for careers in robot technology, computer controlled machine programming, robotic sales and more. Infowiz Chandigarh reviews that students may pursue higher degrees in MS, ME, M.Tech. in Robotics and Ph.D in foreign universities.

Robotics training at Infowiz

Infowiz Chandigarh offers industrial training to robotics aspirants through its 6-week and 6-month courses. The curriculum includes Introduction to Robotics training, Types of motors, Types of sensors, Motor Controlling Circuits, Introduction to Embedded System, and Embedded development tools. It also includes Introduction to Embedded C, Switch and Keypad Interfacing, Timer, Communication protocols, Interrupt, RS232 Interfacing, ADC Interfacing, and Sensor Interfacing.


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