“Moral education should be a part of our education system”: Piyush Goyal at Don Bosco

, Edu-Hour

Union Minister Piyush Goyal put stress on introducing civics and moral education in the curriculum of country’s education system while wrapping up the Don Bosco Educational Seminar which was conducted to celebrate the birth of Don Bosco of Guwahati Province at Machkhowa Pragjyoti ITA Centre for Performing Arts. On August 8, 2015, Piyush Goyal who is the Minister of Union, coal and renewable energy spread the message of feeling of oneness along with love. He also said that India should be made a super power in coming years and the best place live in as well.
According to him there cannot be any limit for society to provide education to its masses. He laid stress on working with unity so that India can be free from deprivation, illiteracy and poverty just because of our joint efforts. He also asked the present members at the event to consider the teachers in their lives so far next to God who always show you the right path and enlighten your lives with honor. He further added, “We should also inculcate the habit of thrift and ignite the spirit of inquisitiveness among the children. Let all of us pledge to contribute to create a better tomorrow for our children and the country as well”.

He also said that value system, tolerance and fondness for cleanliness need to be inculcated in children with the help of civics and moral education which is absent at the moment in our education system. It all will help our country to stand apart from others and ourselves, what we are at present. He focused on “clean environment leads to clean mind” philosophy throughout his speech.


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