Organ Donation Awareness Talk held at Sharda University


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As more and more people are looking at organ donation with a renewed approach, Sharda University is a step ahead as it recently organized an Awareness Talk programme on the subject. The University is completely standing by its tagline ‘beyond boundaries’ as it has incorporated social motives within its academic curriculum.

Besides enlightening students and teachers about organ donation, the session also facilitated registration of interested volunteer organ donors. A student of Sharda University, Madhav Gupta, who attended the session said, “The talk was very inspiring and instilled in all of us a sense of responsibility. Organ donation is one of the noblest charities one can do. I and many of my friends are now getting ourselves registered for organ donation.”

The program started in the morning at 11:30 and ran till late afternoon. It was held in the premises of Sharda University at Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida. The program was conducted by renowned social activists associated with School of Dental Sciences. It threw light on social motives which can be easily met by donation of organs.

Mr. PK Gupta, Founder and Chancellor of Sharda University, said, “The Awareness Talk was aimed at making people see organ donation with an approach which is more moralistic. People should realize that it is the best noble service they can contribute to. We all should get past our inhibitions with regard to organ donation.”

Mr. Gupta added, “The event was a huge success as we could see the changing perspective of people and it was a beautiful change.”

The event was organized by Sharda University in partnership with School of Dental Sciences, Manavta Trust India and Mohan Foundation.


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