Sharda University holds Selfie Contest for freshers’15

SelfiecontestSharda University has come up with a very unique way of welcoming its batch of 2015. The University has organized a Freshers’ Selfie Contest under which freshers have been asked to post their selfies for the university’s perusal. The best shots will bag prizes, says the University.

The contest began from 11th September and is going to end on 30th September. The freshers were asked to post their selfies with the tag #SUFreshers2015. The university believes that Selfies are gateway to one’s inner self. Everyone loves to take Selfies in a way to see how they look when they see themselves in the mirror. This kind of contemporaneous ideology has taken Sharda University ‘beyond boundaries’.

Mr. PK Gupta, chancellor and founder chairman of Sharda Group of Institutions said, “The competition is based on Facebook and the number of likes and shares that a selfie fetches. This keeps the system transparent and students are more satisfied with the results as it mostly depends on them.”

The freshers have been asked to post “Wo party wali selfie, wo shopping wali selfie, wo group wali selfie” and the contest has been met with great enthusiasm. Jayesh Patel, a fresher of B. Tech. at Sharda University said, “All of us are really excited for the results. Each one has posted their best shots and I know none who has not. The fight is hard and has given our college lives a great and enthusiastic start.”

Other freshers joined in the enthusiasm and the results are awaited with eagerness. Sharda University has taken a great idea and has materialized it in the best possible way.

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  1. ankesh kumar // November 16, 2015 at 9:50 am // Reply

    good job by sharda university…. I am a senior student in sharda university. The whole process has been very enthusiastic. Freshers were so crazy for posting their
    selfie on facebook.


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