“Theory of Direction” research: Kaustav Arya from Assam Jatiya Bidyalay gets global acknowledgment

A ninth standard student from Assam Jatiya Bidyalay, a vernacular medium school in Assam has been invited to participate in the “31st Material Science Conference: Advancement and Innovations”in Finland, and the “World Magnetic Material Summit” in Italy.

Kaustav Arya

Kaustav , an under graduate member of American Physical Society has also got chance to pursue research at Google headquarters.

The student will be the youngest to attend two international conferences. Kaustav B Arya has been chosen for his research works in “Naval Vest” and “Theory of Direction”. The events will be in Finland from October 15 and in” to be held in Italy from October 21.

“We are very happy as parents of a 9th standard student have been invited to one of World Summit,” his father said.

“It is true that everything in this world attracts each other, and the reason why they are attracted is what vested my interest.” Kaustav said to a local media channel.

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