RummyCircle partners with TechProcess for better customer experience

RummyCircle and TechProcess are planning to renew their tie-up, which will offer an advanced gateway of payment to the customers of RummyCircle. Where TechProcess is a thriving platform of payment, on the other hand, RummyCircle is another entertainment unit of Play Games 24X7 Pvt. Ltd. is India’s biggest mobile gaming site.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Play Games24X7, Bhavin Pandya said, “We care very deeply about user experience and analyse massive volumes of data on an ongoing basis in our endeavor to provide the best Rummy experience. A critical part of the player experience is the ease with which a player can transact with us. This makes the role of our payment partners almost foundational in our ability to provide the ultimate gaming experience.”

It is not easy for reputed brands like RummyCircle and TechProcess, to partner with value-chains who ultimately belong to the similar creed which focuses primarily on customers; especially today, when unsatisfied customers would neither mind abandoning the brand for minor reason nor expressing their unfortunate experience on globally used platforms, i.e. social media.

For online players, the transactions particularly related to payments, are of prime importance and, therefore, brands need to realize that online payment processing companies are the backbone of all payments.

With over 2.5 million registered users, RummyCircle serves as an ideal example for online brands to realize the importance of having the right payment gateway partner that can ensure high performance, speed, and accuracy.


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