Uber Eats planning strategies to expand in the food-tech industry

Uber, which was initially a car-service app expanded itself in the food delivery business in 2017. After 5 years, Uber Eats deliver $10 billion worth of food worldwide this year. Being amongst the largest food-delivery services, the next step for Uber Eats is to grow strong in the food tech industry. Looking for an expansion, the app is building strong linkages with restaurant partners. The idea behind the expansion is to give an ideal delivery experience to its customers.

The Indian food tech market is expected to touch $15 billion by 2023 and Uber Eats is following the trails of Zomato and Swiggy, catching up relevance in food delivery market. The food delivery industry is a massive opportunity. Focusing and partnering with the restaurants with a motive of aggressive expansion, the step will expand presence of Uber Eats in the market. Uber, having a stable and massive rides business wants to use the available resources and grow exponentially in the industry. Uber Eats have an edge over other food delivery platforms and is present in over 500 cities across the globe.

Uber Eats came to India in 2017 and now it is witnessing a growth in its operations. The growth is possible due to the shift in people’s choice who are looking for a broadened platter and are persuaded with hefty discounts and first-order offers. The digital growth is also doubled with the market campaigns used by Uber Eats. Giving a twist to the brand by launching advertisements with fresh faces like Alia Bhatt and Dulquer Salman, the startup is targeting the millennial population through these campaigns.

With the fast penetrating strategies Uber Eats have managed to maximize their reach and are looking forward to attract more consumers through their innovative planning and strategies.



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