Nayara Energy is building a better tomorrow for the people of Devibhumi Dwarka, Gujarat

With the aim of eliminating malnutrition in the Devabhumi Dwarka, Nayara Energy (Essar Oil formerly) has signed an MoU with the Government of Gujarat. The oil giant in partnership with Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar and John Snow India Pvt Ltd (JSI India) will implement ‘Project Tushti’ in 249 villages in the Devbhumi Dwarka.

An operator of more than 20 million tonnes per year at its Vadinar oil refinery, Nayara Energy is investing a significant amount of finances in the project to ensure better coordination amongst Anganwadi Workers (AWW), Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM) and Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) amongst other ground health workers. As per the latest data available, there are 450 ASHAs and 630 AWWs in the region.

On the one hand, the Indian economy is growing with an exponential rate; on the other side, it is also facing severe development challenge such as that of malnutrition. Under several schemes, the Government of India has been instrumental in mobilising a number of efforts by introducing several policies to eliminate malnutrition.

The project will utilise the state’s existing ecosystem and infrastructure for the distribution of all nutrition-related information, diet and nutrition. The project will work along with the gram sakhis and voluntary workers. With a holistic vision, Project Tushti will also work towards addressing the alteration in the behavioural and social habits that have resulted in certain nutritional deficiencies amongst the Gujaratis.

Under the Project Tushti, the Nayara Energy aims to ensure enhanced consumption of nutritious foods by children, adolescent girls, and pregnant women or lactating mothers, in the entire Devbhumi Dwarka district by working in the direction of the overall development of the area. The company, along with its partners, will work in the course of uplifting district’s nutrition indicators by availing wellness centres new-age mechanisms and latest technologies.


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