Kerala drowns under the worst floods in a century, more than 170 dead

Kerala has been hit by the worst floods in a century and the statistics are enough to send chills down the grave. With more than 170 people losing their lives and no count for the animals and property damaged, the condition of the state still looks grave.

While rescue teams are in complete action since the disaster happened, it is nowhere close to a standstill as of now. The Indian Air Force and Army started food packet distribution today. Eleven helicopters, 16 Army units and more than 150 boats have been deployed in the area.

While round-the-clock rescue operations are being carried on, the disaster seems to have a grudge against god’s own country. Continuous rain and landslides are adding to the misery of the residents.

Public transport has seen a complete halt in the state and more than 25 trains were cancelled or rescheduled on Thursday. The Kochi airport has also been shut till August 26.

A calamity that was unforeseen and has tattered Kerala completely, it has affected more than 1.67 lakh people who have been rehabilitated in more than 1600 relief camps working day in and day out.

Amidst all that is happening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is expected to visit the miserable state today.




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