Here’s how best astrology site in India can solve your relationship troubles

Ankit Kapoor

, Way of Life

On September 23, the Sun entered Libra and will be in Libra until October 23, before moving to Scorpio. As the cardinal air sign, Librans are very well able to relate to others. On the other hand, Scorpions are passionate and assertive people. The bond of matrimony between the two will be highly benefited. It is a complex thing to predict marriage horoscopes but here we will be providing you updated astrology predictions by our experts. The changed positions of planets and stars effect horoscope predictions with every passing minute.

Looking at marriage astrology which effect the relationships between Scorpions and Librans, it is essential to study them individually as well as in conjunction. StarsTell experts layout these predictions and provide you an online astrology experience.

This best astrology site in India will provide you information about how the change in position of the Sun strengthens Libra and Scorpio relationships. The Sun will bring positive energies between these signs. The Sun will be in Scorpio until November 22 which will provide you enough time to nurture your relationships.

The movement of Sun will be paired with New Moons. This will also bring beneficial changes for Libra and Scorpio. The New Moon will enter Libra on September 28 and a New Moon in Scorpio on October 27. These New Moons will accelerate the passionate energy between the two signs.

The positions of Mercury and Venus which are in Libra now, will tour Scorpio later. This period will bring you opportunities to work on your existing residual issues and facilitate your effort towards a balanced relationship.

Both the signs greatly appreciate and complement each other. Librans on one hand are all about committed relationships, Scorpions in return build on and take that commitment to next levels. Scorpions don’t take relationships lightly and this quality is highly appreciated by Librans. Horoscope predictions tell us that Scorpions and Librans pour their optimistic energies into their commitment and intimacy towards each other.

With the Sun moving through Libra and Scorpio, this year will be all about committing to relationships and keeping things loose might not work out really well. Tracing the marriage horoscope, it is highly advised to invest time and efforts in your relationships. The key to good and healthy relationship is that you both agree to meet each other in the middle. The movements of Sun and Moon can provide you ample of opportunities but it is completely up to you how you use these changes.


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