FTIL-Content filtering is the solution for web traffic

The frequent use of collaborative tools for the purpose of social network marketing has given away for more security threats and the protection from these threats has become the topmost concern of every enterprise. FTIL established by Jignesh Shah, the King of Commodity market are dealing with this issue. According to Keshav Samant, the Head of FTIL’s technology division, the web threat can turn out to be terrifying.

FTIL,Financial technologies GroupThe financial group which is owned by Jignesh Shah then issued protection for their software IP, due to which many of the trading licenses got into the act. They already had protection for their software but advanced problems i.e. web 2.0 traffic also calls for advanced solutions.

They needed something more to protect their privacy from the outer world. This was when they decided to go for web sense that will help in protecting from dire threats, with its easy logging, monitoring, and reporting. This is why they made a choice of going for appliance-based approaches rather than software-based. Samant stated that their new protection software has features including real-time web content categorization, dynamic threat protection, traffic inspection and threat updates.

The protection is necessary because they provide payment solutions by using various social networking sites. The solution also lets users monitor in a proper way and generate reports using its graphical user interface.

According to Samant, FTIL has gained control over their enterprise‘s security feature and the recent threat of web 2.0 traffic. With this new software protection, he expects to keep his eyes on any danger or threat of traffic to their sites.

The real-time threat protection will also help in securing the site from illegal traffic. The protection is still not enough and for no data loss, the company is ready to adopt some DLP and some more effective technologies in the future.


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