Menahem Michel Edery talks about Thermo Group’s plans for 2016

Thermo Group CA works under the leadership of its Vice President Menahem Michel Edery. In 2016, Thermo Group continues to produce quality and investing in Venezuela.

In an interview with Mr. Menahem Michel Edery, Vice President of Thermo Group CA, he shares that in 2016 Thermo Group will continue offering quality hair products, and promote the development of Venezuela.

What are the advantages that Thermo Group is presented in the Venezuelan market in the upcoming year?

Thermo Group will have a lot of advantages that will allow us to develop better strategies. First and foremost, we remain in a market that has a wide range of products catering to different needs of women, with latest technology and highly competitive public.

We know that having remained in the market despite great difficulties that have arisen in Venezuela and the world in itself is an achievement. Also, Thermo Group CA has an aggressive marketing plan where we reach people constantly through television, magazines and direct marketing, to publicize products to the Venezuelan public.

Our supply chain is very solid, covering every corner of the country. We also have highly competitive and qualified personnel, which is the key of our Organization and helps in producing large volumes of next-generation products.

What challenges can arise for Thermo Group during 2016, and how are they planned to cope with?

Our main challenge currently is at the level of production. First we need to obtain the raw materials to start production. In the year 2015, the number of our suppliers of raw material was reduced greatly in Venezuela and we fear that this situation may become worse in 2016. We expect economic measures to be established in the country to help and promote the growth of industries and allow us access to resources to be able to meet domestic demand. Secondly, our plant was small for the needs of the market, and we must expand the production area urgently. So, several proposals are being analyzed. At the level of sales and marketing, our main challenge is to maintain our market share and if possible to increase it through new lines, and best service.

Does Thermo Group have any plans for higher growth in the Venezuelan market during 2016?

Yes, absolutely. Remaining static is synonymous to stopping to grow. For this year we have in mind several areas including the expansion of plant, contribution of higher technology, new product development, marketing, sales force consolidation plans and aggressively developing export markets.

Through which activities will Thermo Group relate to the community this year?

We have developed several plans, such as sporting activities with the community of Guarenas-Guatire, social assistance, medical assistance, motivational groups and activities of integration through games.

What new will Thermo Group do in 2016?

Thermo Group has decided to launch new products of high quality that are the latest rage in European and American markets, to meet new needs and continue expanding our range of products.

What is Thermo Group’s commitment to Venezuela during 2016?

Our commitment is to continue doing our best to support Venezuela, especially the Venezuelan woman by offering the best of our company through our products. Despite difficulties, we will continue to fight for and support this beautiful country where we were born. Most importantly, we continue to believe firmly that this market is without a doubt one of the best when cosmetics are concerned. Nobody is as neat and pretty as the Venezuelan woman.

We want our brand to be synonymous to high quality and its projection to be synonymous to beauty. We do our best to ensure that this brand is an international success and is a reflection of Venezuela in other countries.


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