National NGO working towards social inclusion, helps Nepal earthquake victims

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National Organisation for Social Empowerment aka National NGO has recently been in news for its collective vision of social inclusion. The NGO has been at the forefront in assisting people, particularly differently abled people and sensitizing the society towards the challenges faced by them. National NGO believes in micro-level social interventions across domains including healthcare, education, social rehabilitation and empowerment. True to its belief, the organization has also been instrumental in rehabilitating the victims of the massive Nepal earthquake.

In the wake of the disastrous 7.9 magnitude calamity, which struck Nepal in April 2015, the NGO, at the behest of the Nepal Embassy in New Delhi, has helped the affected populace return to a normal lifestyle. Relief materials including blankets, food products and tents were also sent by the NGO to National Emergency Operation Centre in Kathmandu, where they were subsequently distributed amongst the earthquake victims.

Shivani Basnet, Second Secretary, Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi recently appreciated the crucial support offered by National NGO during the earthquake crisis in a signed acknowledgement.

National NGO is also actively engaged in enabling treatment for kids from below poverty background and has a tie-up with All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Recently, the NGO has helped a 6 month old boy Sushant Kumar, a 2 year old boy Deepak, a 6 year old boy Rizwan, a 2 year old boy Aditya Kumar and a 7 year old girl Yashi Srivastava receive treatment for Critical Congenital Heart Disease at AIIMS, New Delhi.

The NGO has also aided in the treatments of a 20 year old construction worker suffering from Cervical Spine Tuberculosis and a 60 year old who was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Being the torchbearer of change, the organization has opened National Public School in Bihar in its efforts to provide education in remote areas. Set up near Akbar Complex Village at Dobhi Gaya, Bihar, the school is providing not only free education but also free books and stationery to its students. A plausible start for the school was marked by a larger number of female students’ enrollments compared to male students. In its endeavour to realize its aims, National NGO has also initiatied a mobile school in R.K.Puram, New Delhi to provide free education to kids begging at traffic signals.

The organization also runs National Rehab Centre in Tughlakabad, New Delhi where it provides free of cost speach therapy and physiotherapy to differently-abled persons.

Talking about the organization, Amandeep Singh, the Managing Trustee of National NGO said, “National NGO is working with the vision of making the world a socially inclusive place where each individual is recognized as a contributing member of the community whose rights are respected and is able to enjoy them on an equal basis with others. We are happy that we are making a difference and are thankful to all our supporters and donors.”


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